Trail of Screams | Screamatorium | Zombie Outbreak
This October “We’re not only going to scare you, we are going to @#$% you up!"  Celebrating our 10th year of fear, the Screamatorium is ranked the #1 SCARIEST Haunted House in the Northern Illinois  area and this year we are bringing back a whole new level of old-school, in-your-face, heart-pounding  FEAR!

New for 2017, escape from labyrinthine lair of a hellish domain in The Sanctum where the thirteen infernal demons have been summoned... WILL YOU BE THE CHOSEN ONE?  Darkness, torture, pain, horror, blood are only the beginning!

This Halloween season, don’t just go to any haunted house, go to Northern Illinois’ scariest haunted house and face the beast that is the Screamatorium!
PARENTAL ADVISORY – This attraction contains scenes of explicit content. Parental discretion is strongly advised.

Want to avoid those long lines???  Purchase tickets on-line at  Check out our gift shop with everything from glow items, t-shirts, novelty items and sweet treats or chill out and grab some goodies from our concession stand offering more deadly delights like nachos, hot dogs, pizza, candy, popcorn, hot chocolate, and more!